Long vowel games

I’ve just put a new set of six games in the Spelfabet shop.

These games practise “long” vowel spellings in words with between two and five sounds. The spellings targeted are:

  • a…e as in name, face, gate,
  • ee and ea, as in beet/beet, cheep/cheap, greet/great,
  • i…e as in time, nice, slide,
  • o…e as in nose, home, stole,
  • oo as in good, look, wood and moon, brood, spoon,
  • u…e as in tune, huge and prune.

They are $AUD5.00 each, and here’s a video of what they look like, and how to play them.

Victorian Modern Cursive font versions of these games are also available from the Spelfabet shop.

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