Free Learning Difficulties Including Dyslexia webinars

La Trobe University and the Victorian Department of Education have this year collaborated to run workshops across Victoria about learning difficulties including dyslexia. The workshops have been available to teachers and other Department of Education staff. The information from these workshops is now being made available free online via YouTube as webinars. Wow. Amazingly generous […]

New word-building sequences

I’ve just revised my word-building sequences for the Moveable Alphabet to match the Spelfabet Version 3 workbooks. The first set is available free from here. It follows the same teaching sequence as the Sounds Write program and books and Phonic Books Units 1-10, since we now use them here a lot. I’m hoping these sequences […]

Filling the gaps in teacher knowledge and skills

I’m the final speaker at the Maryanne Wolf seminar tomorrow in Melbourne, and am just finishing off obsessively polishing my talk. I don’t have any handouts for the session – I’m wrapping up quite a long day and don’t want to make anyone’s head explode with lots of new information. However, I do have quite […]

Upcoming training in synthetic phonics

Please note this is a 2016 blog post and some of it is now out of date. I’m on the Professional Development committee for Learning Difficulties Australia, so have been madly researching quality training in synthetic phonics currently on offer in Australia. My theory is that the┬ámore we can publicise other people’s good training,┬áthe less […]

Free synthetic phonics teacher training on YouTube

Teachers doing “Balanced Literacy” programs often think they are doing a lot of phonics, and we should all get off their case. One academic commented recently that this is probably because nobody has ever given them an opportunity to see or use a proper synthetic phonics program. Getting an opportunity to show busy early years […]


  This archive of blog posts is organised from newest to oldest in the following categories: Teaching ideas Resource reviews (including information about resources available from this website) Theoretical stuff Training Miscellaneous 1. Teaching ideas When digraphs ain’t digraphs Articulatory awareness and modelling a “spelling voice” Running Records are an uninformative waste of time Shallow […]

11. Training

When seeking training, it’s first important to know what you need to learn. The International Dyslexia Association has written standards for both mainstream classroom teachers of reading and intervention experts, which provide an excellent basis for working this out. There are free webinars from the US’s 95% Group called Rethinking Phonological Awareness, Orthographic Mapping is […]