Level 3 version 2 word-building sequences


30 pages of word sequences to make with the moveable alphabet, to help you rapidly present spoken words that differ only by one sound, and ask learners to change the relevant spelling.

The first sets of sequences contrast ‘long’ and ‘short’ vowels e.g. cap-cape, fin-fine, hop-hope, tub-tube.

Then there are sets that focus on each of the “split” vowel digraphs a…e, i…e, o…e, u…e and e…e.

Then there are sequences containing the vowel digraphs ai as in rain, ee as in see, ea as in sea, oo as in soon, ar as in car, er as in her, or as in for and ou as in out.



Use these sequences to build and change words using the Spelfabet Moveable alphabet (either the basic or advanced version). The aim is to help learners discern the identity, order and number of sounds in words, and understand how they are represented by spellings.

This 30-page set of word sequences targets vowel spellings. It starts off by contrasting words with “short” and “long” vowels like cap and cape, win and wine, hop and hope and cut and cute. The “long” vowels are all spelt with a split vowel digraph. Here’s an example:

Then there are long sequences just using the “split” vowel digraphs:

The set then moves to word sequences built with these vowels:

  • ai as in rain
  • ee as in see
  • ea as in sea
  • oo as in soon
  • er as in term
  • ar as in car
  • or as in for
  • ou as in out.

Here’s a snippet:

These are the sound-spelling relationships that lend themselves to this type of word-building in the Spelfabet Workbook 3.

These sequences are very difficult to make up on the fly, even for people who understand our spelling system very well. They took many hours to make so I hope they save you a lot of time!


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