Before you try out these spelling tests, please have a look at the relevant introductory video below.

One is for adults who have literacy difficulties themselves (or other adults who want to help them).

The second video is for parents who are concerned about a child's spelling skills.

Adults with spelling difficulties – watch this introduction:

Parents concerned about their child(ren)'s spelling – watch this introduction

When you've seen the introduction, if you're a parent, please try out the spelling tests yourself, so you know how they work, before asking your child to attempt them.

The only things you need for this test, apart from your computer, are a pen/pencil and some paper. Watch the videos and write each word, then check your answers with the answer key (the link to this is below each test video).

If you've made a mistake, click on the relevant link in the word in the "yes" column of the answer key to see real words containing the pattern that is expected by the test, which you might like to practice.

Each level is linked to a workbook, and you can have a look through all of them by clicking here.

If you'd like to buy one of the workbooks, or other materials targeting the level on which mistakes are being made, go to this website's shop.


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