During school holidays and on Saturdays during term 2 and 3, phonemic awareness and explicit, systematic phonics/spelling groups will run at the Spelfabet office in North Fitzroy.

These groups are for struggling readers/spellers aged 6-8 years who are in Grade Prep/Foundation, 1, or 2.

Each group will run for an hour, with a maximum of three children per Speech Pathologist. The main program in use will be Sounds-Write, plus we’ll play games that require use of target skills.

Saturday Groups 

Saturday groups will run for an hour during term (commencing 17 July in term 3), and we’ll lend children decodable books and provide other homework to be completed in the following week, and a report at the end of term. These groups will cost $900 for nine hours of intervention.

The Saturday groups during term will be staffed by Speech Pathologists Hazel Lekkas and Anastasia Spanos. All staff are trained in Sounds-Write.

Holiday Groups

The next holiday groups will run for one hour every day for a week (5-9 July), and we’ll provide about 30 minutes of written homework daily plus lend each child a set of decodable books to read at home, and a report at the end. The holiday groups will cost $500 for five hours of intervention.

Many private health insurance companies provide rebates for group therapy.

In general, the sessions will run as follows:

9:00am-10:00am targeting children who are struggling to blend and segment and thus can’t reliably read or spell words with two or three sounds and simple spellings like “at”, “fun” and “hop”.

11:00am-12:00pm targeting children who are in Grade 1 or 2 who can blend and segment a little, and reliably read and spell two and three-sound words like “at”, “fun” and “hop”, but struggle with words with four or five sounds like “jump”, “stop” and “frog”.

1:30pm-2:30pm targeting children who are in Grade 1 or 2 who can read and spell words containing four or five sounds, but struggle with words containing consonant digraphs like “sh”, “ch”, “th”, “ck” and “ng”. Note that this group is already full this coming holidays.

Children who haven’t had detailed, recent assessments will need to come in for an initial assessment ($190) first, so that we can be sure they are a good fit for one of the groups.

You can download our groups information here.

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For more information contact Renee Vlahos on 03 8528 0138 between 10.30 and 6.30 weekdays or email