14 decks of 2 ways to spell vowels playing cards


Download and print 14 decks of our child-sized (5 X 6.5cm) playing cards for fun reading practice. Each deck contains words with the same vowel sound spelt two different ways, for example the first deck has words with the sound /ae/ spelt AI as in ‘rain’ and AY as in ‘day’. Words face both up and down, for easy reading from either side of a table.



Download and print 14 decks of our child-sized (5 X 6.5cm) extended code playing cards, for fun reading practice involving plenty of repetition-to-mastery. Words are printed facing both directions, so they are easily read from either side of a table.

These decks focus on the following sounds:

  1. /ae/ spelt AI as in ‘rain’ and AY as in ‘day’.
  2. /ee/ spelt EE as in ‘see’ and EA as in ‘sea’.
  3. /oe/ spelt OA as in ‘boat’ and OW as in ‘slow’.
  4. /er/ spelt UR as in ‘turn’ and IR as in ‘bird’.
  5. /e/ spelt E as in ‘bend’ and EA as in ‘bread’.
  6. /ou/ spelt OW as in ‘now’ and OU as in ‘out’.
  7. /ooh/ spelt OO as in ‘moon’ and UE as in ‘blue’.
  8. /ie/ spelt IGH as in ‘night’ and I as in ‘find’.
  9. /oo/ spelt OO as in ‘look’ and OUL as in ‘could’.
  10. /or/ spelt OR as in ‘for’ and AW as in ‘law’.
  11. /oi/ spelt OI as in ‘coin’ and OY as in ‘boy’.
  12. /ar/ spelt AR as in ‘car’ and A as in ‘grass’.
  13. /air/ spelt AIR as in ‘hair’ and ARE as in ‘care’.
  14. /ear/ spelt EAR as in ‘dear’ and EER as in ‘deer’.

These card decks follow the same teaching sequence as the Moon Dogs 3 books from Phonic Books, but can be used as part of other phonics/morphology-based reading/spelling teaching sequences. They can be sent home instead of a spelling list, with the expectation that students will learn to both read and spell the words accurately, with a random sample of the words on an upcoming spelling quiz.

We suggest printing the cards on A4 200gsm cardboard, and if you plan to use them a lot, laminate them. We highly recommend that children practise their scissor skills by cutting them up, rounding the corners if a more professional look is sought.

The cards can be used to play any card game requiring a standard deck of playing cards, but players must read the cards’ words as they play them. We’ve made some videos of example games to get you started:

If you’re looking for more/different games, search the internet for kids’ card games which use a standard deck of cards, there are lots of options and many include videos showing you how to play. Enjoy!