Basic suffixes


Free extra page to add to older moveable alphabets which don’t contain the suffixes needed for the Spelfabet Level 3 word-building sequences.

From July 2021 the Basic Moveable Alphabet will include this page as standard.

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If you got your Spelfabet moveable alphabet before July 2021, it only contained suffixes that are also graphemes (s as in cats, ed as in jumped, er as in hotter, etc) as single pieces.

However, the word-building sequences which go with the new version 3 workbook require manipulations of both graphemes and suffixes e.g. change fitter into fitness, then fitted, then fitting, then fits, then bits, then bitten etc.

This is a free, extra page of pieces  to add to your alphabet when working through the Level 3 sequences, or otherwise teaching basic suffixes.