Embedded Picture Mnemonic bookmarks


Help beginning readers remember basic sound-letter relationships with these cute printable Embedded Picture Mnemonic bookmarks.

Each letter of the alphabet contains a picture starting with that sound (or ending, in the case of letter x/box).

There are three versions, to suit different accents and preferences. Just save and print whichever A4 pdf of five bookmarks suits you best.



These download-and-print bookmarks are designed to help beginning and struggling readers remember the most basic/initial code sound-letter relationships. Letters of the alphabet contain pictures starting with the relevant sound (or ending, in the case of x/box).

There are three slightly different versions (as pictured above), all now (as of 19/5/23) including the new y/yawn and g/goose mnemonics:

  • A version for most UK, NZ and other non-rhotic English speakers, including many Australians, with e/egg, k/key, o/orange, and u/up (pictured above).
  • A version for US, Canadian and other speakers of rhotic accents, with e/echo, k/key, o/octopus, and u/up.
  • An Aussie version with e/egg, k/kangaroo, o/orange, and u/undies (yes! undies are back, by popular demand).

There are five bookmarks on each downloadable A4 pdf, which you can save to your computer, colour print, laminate and cut up. The price assumes each purchaser will use them with their own class/caseload, printing replacements for any that get lost/damaged.

If the three versions above don’t entirely suit your accent, students or tastes, or you can think of other evidence-informed ways to use these mnemonics, you can make your own Embedded Picture Mnemonic teaching resources using the picture files.