Workbook 5 version 3 – parent/aide


This workbook revisits the 14 vowel sounds/spellings in workbook 4, adding an extra spelling for each sound: ai as in ‘rain’, ay as in ‘day’, ee as in ‘see’, ea as in ‘sea’, oa as in ‘boat’, ow as in ‘slow’, ur as in ‘turn’, ir as in ‘bird’, ea as in ‘bread’, e as in ‘bred’, ow as in ‘now’, ou as in ‘cloud’, oo as in ‘food’, ue as in ‘blue’ and ‘cue’, igh as in ‘night’, i as in ‘child’, oo as in ‘foot’, oul as in ‘could’, or as in ‘sort’, aw as in ‘law’, oi as in ‘boil’, oy as in ‘boy’, ar as in ‘art’, a as in ‘past’, air as in ‘hair’, are as in ‘care’, ear as in ‘gear’, eer as in ‘cheer’.

Pages are in pairs, and learners copy missing words into illustrated sentences, read the sentences, then turn the page and write the sentences to dictation, with punctuation. This book thus provides lots of structured sentence-writing practice without learners tripping over spellings they are yet to be taught.



This workbook revisits the 14 vowel sounds/spellings in workbook 4, and adds an extra spelling for each sound:

  • ai as in sail, training, remained; ay as in say, away, holiday
  • ee as in see, street, feeling; ea as in mean, really, seagull
  • oa as in soap, boasting, toaster; ow as in slow, pillow, blowing
  • ur as in hurt, turtle, nursery; ir as in stir, dirty, birthday
  • ea as in bread, pleasant, unsteady; e as in end, belt, whether
  • ow as in out, count, mountain; ow as in down, tower, nightgown
  • oo as in food, room, soon; ue as in glue, true, rueful
  • ue as in cue, tissue, barbecue
  • igh as in fright, highway, daylight; I as in child, giant, driving
  • oo as in foot, looking, understood; oul as in could, would, should
  • or as in sort, horses, orchard; aw as in law, awful, drawer
  • oy as in boy, loyal, boycott; oi as in oil, choice, toilet
  • ar as in arts, farmer, gardener; a as in ask, basket, grasshopper
  • air as in hair, stairs, aircraft; are as in rare, careful, prepare
  • ear as in year, nearly, hearing; eer as in cheer, meerkats, volunteer

Pages are in pairs, with learners first copying relevant words into illustrated sentences, reading the completed sentences, then turning the page and writing the sentences to dictation. There is a cheat sheet at the back of the book which tells adults supporting learners to complete this book exactly what to say for each item.

Learners are only asked to spell words containing spelling patterns taught in this or earlier workbooks. As well as teaching additional vowel spellings, this book aims to give writers who lack writing confidence and fluency lots of structured practice at writing short sentences with punctuation.

This workbook was written by a Speech Pathologist to be easy for parents, aides and other non-experts to support. Its teaching sequence is the same as in the Dandelion Readers Extended Code Level 2 books, which are suitable for learners up to about age 8, the Moon Dogs 3 books for ages 8-14, or the Drop In Series Level 4 books for older learners.

The file’s pictures are in colour, but the workbook can be printed in black and white if you prefer. Up to 5 copies of this file may be printed. If you want to print more copies, please get the teacher/clinician version instead.

Here’s a 5-minute video tour of this workbook: