If your learner's answers mostly don't match words in the "yes" column, and particularly if they are mixing up vowels, they need to work on words from the whole of Level 3. Click here for the Level 3 workbook, which targets all these patterns.

If they are only making mistakes on particular consonant blends (e.g. getting "f" and "th" mixed up in blends), just do some practice on these before moving on to Level 4. Also don't get too worried if your learner can't get all the last few items right, with three-consonant combinations. They're very quick, quiet and hard to hear.

Qu Yes Maybe No
1 Dwack, Duack Duaq Dwak, Dwac
2 Blug, Blugg    
3 Trosh    
4 Preng    
5 Clat, Clatt, Klat, Klatt    
6 Grick Grik, Gric  
7 Threll Threl  
8 Flad, Fladd    
9 Stob, Stobb    
10 Smitch Smich  
11 Swesh Suesh  
12 Shrup, Shrupp Schrup, Schrupp  
13 Twidge   Twige
14 Quesh Kwesh, Cwesh, Kuesh, Cuesh  
15 Friss, Phriss Fris  
16 Spezz, Spez Spes spays
17 Scaff Scaf  
18 Twum   Tuum
19 Pleth    
20 Gleng    
21 Dron, Dronn    
22 Sluck Sluc, Sluk  
23 Quig, Quigg   Kwig, Kwigg, Cwig, Cwigg
24 Snut, Snut    
25 Crid, Cridd, Krid, Kridd    
26 Trob, Trobb    
27 Brap, Brapp    
28 Plicks, Plix Pliks, Plics  
29 Trenk    
30 Quelt Kwelt, Cwelt, Kuelt, Cuelt  
31 Stoft, Stoffed    
32 Swupt, Swupped    
33 Franth, Phranth    
34 Blisp    
35 Squeng Skweng, Scweng  
36 Scrotch Scroch  
37 Strudge   Struge, Strug
38 Sprelp Sprelpe  
39 Squift, Squiffed    
40 Strant    
41 Sprolve   Sprolv
42 Scrungth, Skrungth Scruncth, Skruncth, Scrunkth, Skrunkth