If your learner's answers mostly don't match words in the "yes" column, they need to work on words from the whole of Level 6. Click here for the Level 6 workbook, which targets these patterns.

If they just make mistakes on the spellings with links below, click on the relevant links for wordlists to practice. If they make mistakes on vowels, go back to levels 4 and 5.

Qu Analogy Rhyme Yes Maybe No
e.g.1 sweet, greed, fleet clean spreen   Anything else
e.g. 2 turf, hurt, church curve gurve gurv Anything else
1 when, what, why lark whark   Anything else
2 fence, prince, bounce dance jance   Anything else
3 horse, mouse, loose verse twerse, twirse, twurse   Anything else
4 blouse, cheese, noise pause vause vawse Anything else
5 sneeze, snooze, breeze bronze glonze   Anything else
6 charge, fringe, sponge lounge zounge zownge Anything else
7 wreck, wrench, wrong tribe wribe wrieb, wrybe Anything else
8 breathe, loathe, teethe soothe shoothe shewthe Anything else
9 knee, knife, knock bug knug, knugg   Anything else