Level 7 answer key

If your learner's answers mostly don't match words in the "yes" column, they probably need to work on words from the whole of Level 7. You can buy the Level 7 workbook here.

If they just make mistakes on the spellings with links below, click on the relevant links for wordlists to practice.

Qu Analogy Yes Maybe No
1 backpack, misprint, backhand backprint    
2 contest, entrance, record compect    
3 blender, matter, peeler flotter phlotter floter
4 doctor, motor, tailor zector zecktor, zektor  
5 burglar, dollar, polar spangar    
6 cobra, drama, pasta tolka tolca tolcka
7 about, alarm, aware amoy, ammoy amoi, ammoi  
8 eject, elect, emit evode   evoed
9 casting, leafing, poaching glonking    
10 chasing, jiving, quoting vuzing, voozing, vusing voosing vewsing, veuzing, vuezing, vuzeing
11 bluffing, dabbing, pinning clepping, klepping   cleping, kleping
12 cruising, gorging, plunging smoring, smauring, smawing, smoaring smouring smoreing, smoughing
13 Two boxes, couches, mosses thritches thriches thrichuz
14 it hisses, buzzes, dashes blexes   bleckses
15 elf-elves, leaf-leaves, shelf-shelves yoaf-yoaves, yofe-yoves yoef-yoeves yovz
16 colder, louder, stronger sharter    
17 biggest, faintest, proudest breenest, breanest brenest, brienest breenist
18 broken, harden, ripen drappen   drapen
19 cattle, fiddle, nettle truttle   truttel
20 fearful, joyful, wilful squessful   squessfull
21 angered, hectored, slobbered gattered   gatered, gated
22 fire, hire, shire kire   kyre, cire, cyre
23 lyre, pyre, tyre chyre   chire, chyer
24 our, flour, sour mour   mower
25 cure, lure, pure ture   tewer
26 danger, stranger, manger langer   lanjer, lainjer
27 puma, tuba, tuna stuna   stewna
28 hula, scuba, Suva huba   hooba
29 culture, mixture, texture frecture frecsure, frectia freckture, frecksha
30 cheeky, fancy, slinky rotchy wrotchy, rhotchy rochy
31 cried, fries, tried snies   snize, snys, snighs
32 crying, frying, trying snying snighing snieing, snighing
33 crunchier, grouchiest, silkier slarchiest   slartchiest
34 chimney, jockey, trolley jertsey, jirtsey, jurtsey jeartsey jertsy, jirtsy, jurtsy
35 chutneys, tallboys, Sundays medloys   medloize, medlois, medloies
36 bindi, deli, sari daxi dacksi, daksi daxy, daxey
37 baggage, garbage, storage navage   navidge, navvidge, navij
38 elbow, hollow, rainbow grellow   grelow, grelloh
39 biter, hoper, later cuder, kuder   cudder, kudder
40 bitter, hopper, latter cudder, kudder   cuder, kuder
41 caning, hoping, tubing frining phrining frinning
42 canning, hopping, tubbing frinning phrinning frining
43 scoring, pairing, clearing draring, drairing   drareing
44 carry, lorry, sorry dirry   diry, dirree, dirrey
45 famous, jealous, nervous royous wroyous, rhoyous roious, wroious, rhoious
46 caution, option, station dotion   docion, dosion, doshun, doeshun

centre, fibre, metre AND center, fiber, meter

wentre AND wenter

  wenta, wentuh

armour, colour, rumour OR armor, color, rumor

wigour AND wigor   wigga, wigger, wiggah
49 worried, horrified, terrified dwerried duerried dweried
50 worrying, horrifying, terrifying dwerrifying duerrifying dwerifying


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