If your learner’s answers mostly don’t match words in the “yes” column, they probably need to work on words from the whole of Level 7. You can buy the Level 7 workbook here.

If they just make mistakes on the spellings with links below, click on the relevant links for wordlists to practice.

1backpack, misprint, backhandbackprint  
2contest, entrance, recordcompect  
3blender, matter, peelerflotterphlotterfloter
4doctor, motor, tailorzectorzecktor, zektor 
5burglar, dollar, polarspangar  
6cobra, drama, pastatolkatolcatolcka
7about, alarm, awareamoy, ammoyamoi, ammoi 
8eject, elect, emitevode evoed
9casting, leafing, poachingglonking  
10chasing, jiving, quotingvuzing, voozing, vusingvoosingvewsing, veuzing, vuezing, vuzeing
11bluffing, dabbing, pinningclepping, klepping cleping, kleping
12cruising, gorging, plungingsmoring, smauring, smawing, smoaringsmouringsmoreing, smoughing
13Two boxes, couches, mossesthritchesthrichesthrichuz
14it hisses, buzzes, dashesblexes bleckses
15elf-elves, leaf-leaves, shelf-shelvesyoaf-yoaves, yofe-yovesyoef-yoevesyovz
16colder, louder, strongersharter  
17biggest, faintest, proudestbreenest, breanestbrenest, brienestbreenist
18broken, harden, ripendrappen drapen
19cattle, fiddle, nettletruttle truttel
20fearful, joyful, wilfulsquessful squessfull
21angered, hectored, slobberedgattered gatered, gated
22fire, hire, shirekire kyre, cire, cyre
23lyre, pyre, tyrechyre chire, chyer
24our, flour, sourmour mower
25cure, lure, pureture tewer
26danger, stranger, mangerlanger lanjer, lainjer
27puma, tuba, tunastuna stewna
28hula, scuba, Suvahuba hooba
29culture, mixture, texturefrecturefrecsure, frectiafreckture, frecksha
30cheeky, fancy, slinkyrotchywrotchy, rhotchyrochy
31cried, fries, triedsnies snize, snys, snighs
32crying, frying, tryingsnyingsnighingsnieing, snighing
33crunchier, grouchiest, silkierslarchiest slartchiest
34chimney, jockey, trolleyjertsey, jirtsey, jurtseyjeartseyjertsy, jirtsy, jurtsy
35chutneys, tallboys, Sundaysmedloys medloize, medlois, medloies
36bindi, deli, saridaxidacksi, daksidaxy, daxey
37baggage, garbage, storagenavage navidge, navvidge, navij
38elbow, hollow, rainbowgrellow grelow, grelloh
39biter, hoper, latercuder, kuder cudder, kudder
40bitter, hopper, lattercudder, kudder cuder, kuder
41caning, hoping, tubingfriningphriningfrinning
42canning, hopping, tubbingfrinningphrinningfrining
43scoring, pairing, clearingdraring, drairing drareing
44carry, lorry, sorrydirry diry, dirree, dirrey
45famous, jealous, nervousroyouswroyous, rhoyousroious, wroious, rhoious
46caution, option, stationdotion docion, dosion, doshun, doeshun

centre, fibre, metre AND center, fiber, meter

wentre AND wenter

 wenta, wentuh

armour, colour, rumour OR armor, color, rumor

wigour AND wigor wigga, wigger, wiggah
49worried, horrified, terrifieddwerriedduerrieddweried
50worrying, horrifying, terrifyingdwerrifyingduerrifyingdwerifying