Spellings Example words with link to wordlist
Regular plural s

cats, backs, shuts

dogs, fans, sums

Four-sound words bend, camp, dust, fold, golf, hint, jocks, lunch, maths, nest, pulp, rent, self, shift, tenth, vent, wimp, zilch
x ox, fix, wax, next
final ck and k

duck, mock, tack

disk, milk, tusk

nk bank, think, sunk
regular past tense

bossed, decked, pitched

buzzed, rolled, yelled

Past tense with doubled letters dimmed, tanned, sunned (column 2)

Past same as

present tense

bet, cut, cost, hit, let, set, shut, wet

Past tense as

new syllable

batted, kidded, padded
s as in has as, has, his, is
Vowels at word endings ha, be, hi, my, no
oo as in moo coo, goo, too, zoo