Level 03: CCVCs

Spellings Example words with link to word list
Nothing new

except syllable


black, bring, clod, crutch, dredge,

dwell, flesh, frog, gloss, grub, plum,

pram, scab, shred, skid, slam,

smudge, sniff, spam, sting,

swag, tram, twin




drank, stank, rang, slept, dwelt, spilt, dug, slid, told
qu quest, quick, squid (left column)
3rd person s drinks, smacks, smells

(add s to any verbs from previous lists

that don’t end in s, z, sh, ch or dge)

5 and 6-sound words clamps, prints, stands, script, spring, strong
a as in want want, wash, swan, squad
Punctuation a chick’s legs, a man’s cup

a bus’ back, Tess’ bag

this kid’s lost, the milk’s fresh

she’ll fix it, he’s let it go

two chimps, the chimp’s lunch, the chimps’ lunch

an ant, a box, a dress, an ox

Meet u as in put,

oo as in look

put, bull, push (left column)

good, look, foot

Meet a as in all all, fall, stall, wall (left column)


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