Level 06: consonants, homophones, overlaps

Spelling Example words with link to wordlist
wh wheat, whip, what
ce choice, dance, fence
se crease, false, goose
se blouse, bruise, cheese
ze breeze, bronze, snooze
ge barge, charge, fringe
wr wrap, wren, write
the breathe, soothe, teethe
kn knee, knife, knot
homographs bow-bow, close-close, wind-wind

bare-bare, bass-base,

board-bored, packed-pact

pairs-pears, pause-paws

single vowel overlaps

back, path, ball, want

bed, me

hit, hi, ski

not, no, son, to, wolf

cup, put, flu, quit

vowel digraph overlaps

rain, plait, said, chai

chief, pie, friend, sieve

boot, book, blood, brooch

sea, head, great, Sean, bream

more vowel spelling overlaps

car, war, scarce

for, word

how, low

care, are

hear, learn, bear, heart

bought, drought, dough, through


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