Spelling Example words with link to wordlist
Compound words airport, bedroom, carport
Homographs record, content, contest
-er endings flower, poster, shower
-or endings actor, cursor, tractor (column 1)
-ar endings collar, nectar, pillar
-a endings data, sofa, panda (column 1)
a- beginnings adore, amaze, aside (column 3)
e-beginnings elect, emerge, event (column 1)
-ing words clicking, flashing, wedding
Remove -e and add -ing (“long” vowels) making, miming, voting
Double letter and add -ing batting, gripping, hopping
Remove -e and add -ing (other vowels and consonant spellings) boring, bouncing, bludging
-ing nouns morning, stuffing, wedding
-es plural buses, dishes, matches,
Third person -es kisses, rushes, fetches
-f-ves plurals leaves, wives, shelves (column 1)
NOT -f-ves oafs, reefs, cliffs (column 2)
Irregular plurals sheep, men, feet, mice (1st section)
-er comparatives bigger, faster, taller (column 1)
-est superlatives biggest, fastest, tallest (column 2)
-en as final syllable wooden, rotten, kitten (column 3)
-le as final syllable bottle, rattle, middle
-ful as final syllable helpful, thankful, wishful (column 1)
-ered ending covered, filtered, offered (column 2)
-ire and -yre fire, lyre, tire, tyre (column 1)
-our our, flour, sour (column 2)
-ure cure, pure, endure (column 3)
a angel, basin, label
u emu, human, stupid (column 1)
u fluid, cruel, hula
-ture picture, nature, future (column 1)
-y funny, messy, silly
-y and -ie tie, tied, tying, cry, cries, crying, baby, babies, babyish
– y changes to i funnier, messiest, sillier (columns 1 and 2)
-ey donkey, money, valley
– ays, eys, oys (-y doesn’t change) relays, kidneys, saveloys
i kiwi, piano, taxi (column 4)
-age cabbage, savage, village
-ow elbow, shadow, yellow (column 2)
Double letters later-latter, Peter-petter, biter-bitter, sloping-slopping, super-supper
Words that should have double letters, but don’t body, copy, edit
r affects two syllables boring, cheering, fairy
rr arrow, berries, carrot
-ous famous, jealous, nervous
-ti action, Martian, patient
-re centre, litre, metre
-our colour, flavour, labour
-ed v/s -ing bored, boring, tired, tiring