Australians tend to use the UK vocabulary but sometimes we prefer a US word, and sometimes we have our own word e.g. lollies

aluminium (US aluminum)

aubergine (US eggplant)

autumn (US fall)

bill (restaurant, US check)

biscuit (US cookie, cracker)

bonnet (of a car, US hood)

booking (arrangement, US reservation)

boot  (of a car, US trunk)

braces (clothing, US suspenders)

car park (US parking lot)

caravan (US trailer)

chap (US guy)

chemist (US drugstore, pharmacist)

chest of drawers (US dresser/bureau)

chips (hot chips, US fries)

cinema (US movie theatre)

clothes peg (US clothespin)

coach (US bus)

cooker (US stove)

cornflour (US cornstarch)

cot (US crib)

courgette (US zucchini)

crisps (packet chips, US potato chips

crossroads (US intersection)

curriculum vitae, CV (US resume)

curtains (US drapes)

diary (US journal)

dressing gown (US bathrobe)

driving licence (US driver's license)

dummy (for a baby, US pacifier)

engine (US motor)

fairy floss (US cotton candy)

film (US movie)

fizzy drink (US pop, soda)

flats (US apartments)

flyover (US overpass)

foyer (US lobby)

fringe (US bangs)

full stop (punctuation, US period)

grill (US broil)

handbag (US purse)

hire car (US rental car)

holiday (US vacation)

hoover (US vacuum)

jam (US jelly)

jelly (US jello)

jumper (US sweater)

ladybird (US ladybug)

laundrette (US laundromat)

lift (US elevator)

lorry (US truck)

maize (US corn)

marks (student, US grades)

maths (US math)

mobile phone (US cellphone)

motorway (US expressway, freeway)

mum (US mom)

nappy (US diaper)

pavement (US sidewalk)

petrol (US gasoline, gas)

pinafore (US jumper)

pocket money (US allowance)

porridge (US oatmeal)

postal code (US zip code)

pram (US baby carriage)

primary school (US elementary school)

pudding (US dessert)

pusher (US stroller)

queue (US line)

queue (US line)

railway (US railroad)

rates (US tariffs)

real estate agent (US realtor)

receptionist (US desk clerk)

removalists (UK movers)

rocket, roquette (US arugula)

rubber (US eraser)

rubbish (US garbage, trash)

rucksack (US backpack)

serviette (US napkin)

shop (US store)

sneakers (US trainers)

solicitor (US attorney)

spanner (UK wrench)

starter, entree (US appetizer)

swear (US curse)

sweets (US candy)

tap (US faucet)

tarmac (US asphalt)

term (US semester)

tights (US pantihose)

timetable (US schedule)

tin (US can)

toilet, lavatory, loo (US bathroom, restroom, washroom)

torch (US flashlight)

trousers (US pants)

tube, underground (US subway )

turtle neck jumper (US roll neck sweater)

verge (of road, US shoulder)

vest (US undershirt)

waistcoat (US vest)

wardrobe (US closet)

windscreen (US windshield)

zebra crossing (US pedestrian crossing)

zed (letter, US zee)

zip (US zipper)