The American verb variants in this table aren't all used by all Americans, or used for all senses of the verb, but are included here to show that they exist
Present tense (now) Past tense (past) Present perfect (up till now)
I burn I burnt (US burned) I have burnt (US burned)
I dive I dove (US dived) I have dived
I dream I dreamt (US dreamed) I have dreamt (US dreamed)
I dwell I dwelt (US dwelled) I have dwelt (US dwelled)
I fit I fitted (US fit) I have fitted (US fit)
I get I got I have gotten (US got)
I kneel I knelt (US kneeled) I have knelt (US kneeled)
I lean I leant (US leaned) I have leant (US leaned)
I leap I leapt (US leaped) I have leapt (US leaped)
I learn I learnt (US learned) I have learnt (US learned)
I light I lit (US lighted) I have lit (lighted)
I plead I pleaded (US pled) I have pleaded (US pled)
I prove I proved I have proved (US proven)
I saw (meaning cut) I sawed I have sawn (US sawed)
I shrink I shrank (US shrunk) I have shrunk (US shrunken)
I spell I spelt I have spelt (US spelled)
I spill I spilt (US spilled) I have spilt (US spilled)
I spoil I spoilt (US spoiled) I have spoilt (US spoiled)
I stink I stank (US stunk) I have stunk
I sneak I sneaked (US snuck) I have sneaked (US snuck)
I wet I wetted (US wet) I have wetted (US wet)