This is the Spelfabet Workbook 4 version 3 teaching sequence, both for the parent/aide (print up to 5 copies) and teacher clinician (print up to 30 copies) editions. The Dandelion Readers Extended Code Level 1 books provide reading practice which follows the same sequence, and the printable Phonics With Feeling books also target one vowel grapheme at a time, so could be used with this sequence. I’m still searching for great decodable books suitable for older learners to use with this workbook, please let me know if you find any! Some learners can only manage one grapheme at a time.

Sounds/spellings introducedHigh frequency words
(tricky bits are in bold)
Introducing ai as in rain
Introducing ee as in weekasleep, been, green, need, sleep,
sleepover teeth, tree, weekend
Introducing oa as in roadboat, goal, road
Introducing ur as in turnchurch, hurt, turn
Introducing ea as in headbreakfast, dead, head
Introducing ow as in nowbrown, down, flowers, how, now
Introducing oo as in foodafternoon, cool, food, moon,
pool, room, school, tooth
Introducing igh as in nightfight, high, light, night, right
Introducing oo as in lookbook, foot, good, look, took
Introducing or as in fordoctor, horse, morning, motorbike
Introducing oi as in coin
Introducing ar as in farmcar, card, dark, far, farm, garden,
hard, park, party, shark, start
Introducing air as in hairfairy, hair
Introducing ear as in neardear, year