Level 6

Spellings/concepts introduced/practised:
ce as in dance, niece, peace
se as in house, nurse, worse
se as in bruise, cause, please
ze as in breeze, maize, snooze
ge as in change, lounge, sponge
wr as in wrap, wrench, wrong
the as in breathe, soothe, writhe
kn as in knee, knife, know
syllable-final ck versus syllable-final k as in bookmark, clockwork, backstroke (see also this blog post)
c as in comic, magic, traffic (see column 2 on list)
cc as in accuse, broccoli, soccer
cc as in accept, accede, accent, access, coccyx, succeed, success, vaccine versus x as in exit
ph as in alphabet, elephant, photo
ch as in anchor, chemist, school
que as in antique, mosque, unique
gue as in catalogue, league, vague
gu as in disguise, guess, guitar
dg as in budget, fidget, lodger
st as in castle, listen, whistle
tte as in baguette, omelette, serviette
ch as in brochure, chef, machine
mb as in bomb, lamb, thumbs
sc as in adolescent, muscles, science
gn as in campaign, foreign, sign
gh as in dinghy, ghost, yoghurt and gh as in cough, laugh, tough
ou as in country, double, enough
gi as in contagious, region, religion
i as in brilliant, onion, seniors
verbs with two spellings, as in burnt/burned, dreamt/dreamed, spilt/spilled
gu as in extinguish, language, penguin (see third column on list)
t as in ballet, croquet, sachet
h as in exhausted, honest, hour
a or an as in a tarantula, an octopus, a unicorn, an hour (“an” is used before words starting with a vowel sound, but such words don’t always start with what’s usually considered a vowel letter).