This will be the Spelfabet Workbook 8 version 3 teaching sequence, the same sequence as the Titan’s Gauntlets and Talisman 2 books from Phonic Books. Sorry I’m still working on the workbook!

Sounds/spellings, word structures and prefixes/suffixes introduced:
Revising u…e as in use, and u as in using
Introducing ue as in argue, and ew as in new.
Revising u as in fun, o as in got, o as in front.
Introducing ou as in young, a as in was, ou as in cough, and au as in because.
Revising s as in sit, ss as in mess, and c as in cent.
Introducing se as in house, ce as in voice, sc as in scent, and st as in castle.
Revising l as in let, ll as in well, and le as in battle.
Practising words with unstressed vowel + /l/ as last syllable, as in metal, travel, evil and petrol.
Revising j as in jet, and g as in gel.
Introducing ge as in large, dge as in bridge, dj as in adjust.
Revising f as in fox, and ff as in cliff.
Introducing ph as in phone, and gh as in laugh.
Introducing ure as in cure, our as in sour, and ire as in fire.
Introducing suffix ‘ure’ as in adventure.
Introducing suffix ‘ion’ as in action, tension and mission.
Introducing suffix ‘ian’ as in musician and Martian.
Introducing suffix ‘ial’ as in confidential and commercial.
Introducing suffix ‘ious’ as in gracious, infectious and anxious.
Revising suffix ‘ion’ as in conclusion.
Revising suffix ‘ure’ as in pleasure.