Level 8

Patterns introduced/practised

To find a list of common words containing the suffixes/word endings below, copy “www.morewords.com/most-common-ends-with/” into your browser, add the desired suffix/word ending and click “search”, then choose words with the suffix required.

-y adjectives as in bone-bony, grime-grimy, shade-shady (drop e and add y)
-y adjectives as in chat-chatty, mud-muddy, snap-snappy (double last letter and add y)
-er as in clean-cleaner, farm-farmer, paint-painter (people)
-er as in blend-blender, dry-dryer, mow-mower (objects)
-er as in bat-batter, drum-drummer, win-winner (people, double last letter and add er)
-er as in clip-clipper, drop-dropper, run-runners (objects, double last letter and add er)
-or as in actor, minor, victor
-ive as in attract-attractive, create-creative, impulse-impulsive
-ing as in bounce-bouncing, carve-carving, dance- dancing (drop e and add ing)
-es plurals as in box-boxes, coach-coaches, match-matches (after s, z, sh, ch, x)
-oes plurals as in buffalo-buffaloes, mango-mangoes, tomato-tomatoes (list includes other irregular plurals)
-os plurals as in hippo-hippos, memo-memos, photo-photos
f-ve plurals as in knife-knives, loaf-loaves, shelf-shelves
y-ies plurals as in cherry-cherries, hobby-hobbies, pastry-pastries
ays, eys and oys plurals as in holiday-holidays, kidney-kidneys, schoolboy-schoolboys (don’t change y to i)
3rd person -es as in he brushes, she fishes, it hisses
-er comparatives as in bright-brighter, long-longer, old-older
-er comparatives as in big-bigger, hot-hotter, sad-sadder (double last letter then add er)
-er comparatives as in busy-busier, healthy-healthier, shiny-shinier (change y to i then add er)
-er comparatives as in brave-braver, late-later, safe-safer
-est superlatives as in big-biggest, funny-funniest, tall-tallest
-ful as in boast-boastful, help-helpful, play-playful
-ered as in enter-entered, order-ordered, water-watered
-age as in break-breakage, pack-package, marry-marriage
Words that seem to need doubled consonants, but don’t have them, as in body, dragon, wizard
-ous as in danger-dangerous, fury-furious, nerve-nervous
The spelling ci as in ancient, delicious, social
-ian as in electric-electrician, magic-magician, politic-politician (see column 2 of this blog post)
-ist as in art-artist, dental-dentist, optimism-optimist
-ion as in act-action, disrupt-disruption, elect-election (see column 1 of this blog post)
-ion as in calculate-calculation, educate-education, graduate-graduation (also see column 2 of this blog post)
-ation as in declare-declaration, prepare-preparation, sense-sensation
-cation as in apply-application, identify-identification, multiply-multiplication
-ion as in aggress-aggression, discuss-discussion, possess-possession (see column 3 of this blog post)
-ion as in collide-collision, decide-decision, explode-explosion (see column 4 of this blog post)
-ly as in brief-briefly, local-locally, real-really
-ible as in collect-collectible, digest-digestible, sense-sensible
-able as in adore-adorable, comfort-comfortable, fix-fixable
-ment as in agree-agreement, arrange-arrangement, entertain-entertainment
-ness as in fit-fitness, ill-illness, mad-madness
-less as in cloud-cloudless, pain-painless, sleeve-sleeveless
-hood as in child-childhood, father-fatherhood, neighbour-neighbourhood
-al as in colony-colonial, nation-national, tradition-traditional
-en as in fresh-freshen, ripe-ripen, tight-tighten
-ish as in child-childish, fool-foolish, self-selfish
-ance as in arrogant-arrogance, distant-distance, entrant-entrance
-ence as in confident-confidence, patient-patience, violent-violence
-ism as in autistic-autism, magnet-magnetism, pessimist-pessimism
-ee as in employ-employee, refer-referee, train-trainee
-ic as in automate-automatic, diagnose-diagnostic, microscope-microscopic
-ally as in basic-basically, economic-economically, historic-historically
Doubling last consonant of stressed syllables before suffix -ed, as in preferred, regretted, pegging (but not piloted, remembered, visited)
Doubling the last consonant of stressed syllable before suffix -ing as in babysitting, forbidding, nightclubbing (but not exiting, limiting, vomiting).
-ary as in necessary, primary, temporary
-orous as in glamorous, humorous, vigorous
-ise (or US ize) as in apologise, criticise, organise
UK and US spellings of ageing/aging, judgement/judgment, loveable/lovable
Doubling of final l as in cancelling, excellent, marvellous (not always doubled in US English)
-ie for abbreviations and diminutives as in Australian-Aussie, motorbike rider-bikie, goalkeeper-goalie