Awareness of sounds in words (phonemic awareness) and spelling pattern knowledge (phonics) are essential for good spelling and reading. Many beginners aren’t getting the teaching they need in these two areas, often because their teachers haven’t been trained or equipped to provide it.

This website aims to help you teach these skills fast and well, so they support other vital literacy skills like fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

This site includes resource lists to make it easier for you to find high-quality resources, many of which are part of synthetic phonics programs.

The Spelfabet teaching materials available from this website are carefully-sequenced, easy-to-use, affordable, downloadable and reproducible, and were designed by an Australian Speech Pathologist for slow-progress readers and spellers, including learners with language difficulties.

These materials aim to help you teach blending, segmenting, phoneme manipulation and spelling patterns in tiny, fast steps. They’re most suitable for older learners (aged 7 and over) with shaky confidence, who need lots of practice and success. You don’t need special expertise or hours of training to use them.

This website includes:

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