Teaching Sequence

This is the sequence used in the Spelfabet materials, which like all synthetic phonics teaching sequences works from short, simple words to longer, more complex ones.  It’s not the best or only possible sequence so please adapt it as necessary to meet your learners’ needs.


Level 1: words with 2 or 3 sounds and “short” vowels (VC and CVC)

Level 2: words with 4-7 sounds, “short” vowels and consonant blends (CVCC, CCVC – CCCVCCC)

Level 3: Major syllable types (CVCe, open/closed syllables, -ing, -le, schwa) and vowel digraphs


Level 4: The many spellings of “long vowel” sounds (ay, ee, I, oh, oo, you)

Level 5: The many spellings of other vowel sounds (ar, er, or, ou, oy, air, ear)

Level 6: More consonant spellings


Level 7: Homophones and prefixes

Level 8: Suffixes

Level 9: More Latin and Greek word parts