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If you want to help someone improve their spelling skills in an organised way over the holidays, you might like to try some of my downloadable, printable phonics activities.

These start with a very simple printable phonics workbook which introduces little words with five vowel sounds (a as in cat, e as in red, i as in big, o as in hop, u as in sun) and the beginning and ending spellings that go with these vowels. 23 of the 24 English consonant sounds are covered, many of which have different spellings at word endings from those used at word beginnings.

Here's a video tour of this workbook, so you can check it out for yourself:

If this workbook is too easy for your learner, there are five more books of printable phonics activities with harder spellings, all following the same fairly simple format, and systematically working through all the main spelling patterns of English in one-syllable words. More exploring multisyllable words are coming soon.

The format stays the same because many learners find this task predictability and consistency calming and helpful. Task variety is provided by the constant introduction of new vocabulary and sounds/spellings, plus using the games and movable alphabet also in the Spelfabet shop, as well as other synthetic phonics activities, many of which are listed on the resources page as well as in my posts about free iPad apps and internet games.

My printable phonics workbooks, games and movable alphabet are all downloadable as pdfs from this website's shop. If you want more words that practice these spelling patterns, lists are here (use the simple ones on the left-hand side).


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