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This is a blog post for Australian readers, following on from yesterday’s post in which I only mentioned one of the four Australian suppliers of the Magic Belt Books (mea maxima culpa, and thanks to reader Ruth for pointing this out).

To make up for it, here’s a price comparison between Australian suppliers for Phonic Books readers and workbooks suitable for struggling and reluctant readers aged 8-14, as of July 2013 website information. Please use these only as a guide, and check with suppliers before purchasing.

DSF (WA) SPELD-Vic SPELD-SA Phonic Books (Qld)
Magic Belt readers $115 $105 $125 $132
Magic Belt introductory workbook $40 $70 ? $55
Magic Belt main workbook $65 $70 ? $77
Alba readers $115 $130 $125 $132
Alba workbook $65 $70 $90 $77
Totem readers $115 $125 $125 $132
Totem workbook $115 $125 $125 $77
Talisman 1 readers $95 $105 $105 $115
Talisman 1 workbook $95 $70 $90 $77
Talisman 2 readers $95 $105 $105 $115
Talisman 2 workbook $95 $70 $90 $77
Totals (minus Magic Belt workbooks not currently on SPELD-SA website) $905 $905 $980 $934

So it pays to shop around, and at present DSF and SPELD-Vic tend to have the most competitive prices. Don’t forget that savings made by shopping with two different suppliers might be eaten up by additional freight costs.

I was going to make this table a comparison of ALL the Phonic Books decodable books and workbooks, of which there are several series for ages 3-8, but looking at all the different ways they are packaged and marketed made my head spin, and it’s Friday night. Another time.

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