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I'm putting all Spelfabet materials on half-price sale till the end of August.

The combination of winter and looming cuts to education funding here made it seem like the right time for a bit of cheering up.

I'm hoping that Student Welfare/Integration units needing to spend money before the end of the financial year can take advantage of this, as well as those about to get a fresh allocation of funds in the new financial year, plus any families getting unhappy literacy news in mid-year reports then heading into cold, rainy school holidays.

I'm also planning to go through my email inbox and send updated versions of my workbooks to people who have already bought these pdfs. The new versions aren't vastly different, but I want everyone to have the improved versions. It's going to take a while to do this, so if you've got my workbook(s) and are in a hurry for (an) updated version(s), please just email me.

I ran a workshop for Learning Difficulties Australia yesterday called "Beyond Spelling Basics" and came away from it reminded that teachers are really hungry for simple, affordable materials that make it easy for them to help struggling learners crack the complex English spelling code. I hope my materials fit that description. Thanks to Molly de Lemos and Diane Barwood for organising the workshop, and the participants for their interest, questions and feedback. I always find that I learn a lot from preparing and running a workshop.

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2 thoughts on “Winter sale

  1. Vanessa Maher

    I am interested in buring your entire spelling kit for SPELDNSW, can you let me know the half-price winter sale price?


    Vanessa Maher

    Tutor and Referral Officer 

    1. alison Post author

      Hi Vanessa, the winter sale was last year, and since then I have substantially reduced the prices on my materials, so I’m not planning to have another winter sale this year, sorry. Alison


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