Evaluating alternative solutions for dyslexia

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Out for a lovely walk in the Melbourne sunshine this afternoon, I was annoyed to see an ad in a milkbar for one of our local literacy snake oil vendors. Sigh.

This probably primed me to notice in my overcrowded inbox that UK blogger John Breakwell has recently written about a “Skeptics in the Pub” talk by Dorothy Bishop.

Bishop is Professor of Neurodevelopmental Neuropsychology at Oxford, and was talking about how to evaluate treatments for dyslexia, in order to identify treatments that are likely to work, and not waste money or time on snake oil.

The blog post in turn links to a great 2011 video by Prof Bishop on the same topic, which I can’t believe I haven’t seen before. Here it is. Worth watching.

If you want a copy of Prof Bishop’s overheads, or a summary of her talk, click here.


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