Sight words

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I've made a four-minute video about what a sight word is, why there aren't really any sight words in English, and how teaching sight words is like giving children Lego already assembled instead of showing them the parts and how to use them.

I hope it speaks for itself because I don't have time to write anything else about it!

If you get the email version of this blog post and can't see the video below in your email client, click here and watch it on YouTube.



2 responses to “Sight words”

  1. […] Watch this clear video clip showing how ‘sight words’ can be decoded and so should be taught like other words – graphemes that spell sounds. Another great post by Alison Clarke of Spelfabet! Thank you! […]

  2. […] a child needs to successfully learn to read and spell, and insists on ILP goals like rote-learning “sight words” visually via flashcards and look-cover-write-check (argh), parents have two options. They can […]

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