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I’ve just been listening to the latest episode of Ollie Lovell’s Education Research Reading Room (ERRR) podcast, the back catalogue of which is such a magnificent, free professional learning resource for teachers and others in education.

Ollie is a maths/science teacher and researcher here in Melbourne, but he’s brimming with curiosity and enthusiasm about education more generally, and always finds interesting people to interview, and asks them interesting questions.

You can see the full list of episodes on his website, but the ones that pertain very directly to learning to read and write are:

Pamela Snow on phonics, and how we can get the real story from students

Lorraine Hammond on Direct Instruction and Instructional Coaching

Judith Hochman on how to teach students to write

Natalie Wexler on the knowledge gap

Margaret McKeown on questioning the author/reading comprehension

Anita Archer on Explicit Instruction

Margaret McKeown on robust vocabulary instruction

Lyn Stone on literacy instruction and the Big Six (the one I was listening to today)

Podcasts have revolutionised my (rather bad) attitude to housework, exercise and driving time, and even when I have read widely and think I know most things about a topic, I always learn something new from the ERRR.

So if you’re looking for a new education-related podcast, I’d highly recommend the ERRR one. Thanks, Ollie, and all your guests!


2 responses to “The Education Research Reading Room podcast”

  1. Eunice M Fuchs says:

    Thanks for pointing this resource out!

  2. Sharon says:

    I love Ollie’s podcasts. My poor dog Astro often wants to head home before I do, as I am usually keen to finish an episode in one walk!!! Astro loves walking, but he is fed after a walk, so he sometimes suggests that an hour is long enough.

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