Cheap phonemic awareness, phonics and handwriting workbook



This cheap, printable, 101-page colour workbook is a follow-up to the free one you can find here, and is designed to help you teach young Australian children (ages ~4-6) key early reading and writing skills:

  • Phonemic awareness: the ability to pull spoken words apart into sounds, blend sounds together into words and manipulate sounds in words.
  • Orthographic knowledge (phonics): the ability to recognise and write at least one lower case letter/spelling for each of the sounds of spoken Australian English.
  • Handwriting: where to start each letter, how to form it correctly, where to place it on the line.

The workbook follows the UK Letters and Sounds Phase 3 teaching sequence, for which many teaching resources are available (just google “letters and sounds phonics phase 3”) including this free book.

The last page of the workbook is a moveable alphabet containing just the letters/spellings taught in the book for you to laminate, cut up, and use with the one from the previous workbook to build word sequences (e.g. make “job”, change it into “jog”, change it into “jug” etc). Suggested sequences are included.

While using this workbook, children should also read decodable books which follow the same teaching sequence, to practise what they’ve learnt. Suitable books include:

Sorry that I can’t make this workbook free like the first one, but it took ages to make and I have to cover my costs and (like most women my age) catch up on my underfunded superannuation. I would be delighted if teachers downloaded a single copy then printed workbooks for every child in their class who needs extra explicit teaching about sounds and their spellings.