Level 1 last sound bingo




This game for two to six players teaches blending of last sounds in one-syllable words with three sounds. It uses mostly one-letter spellings, but also includes the spellings “sh”, “ch”, “th”, “ff”, “ll”, “ss”, “zz”, “ck”, “ng”, “tch” and “dge”.

Click here for a video demonstration of this and the two other Level 1 bingo games.

The game consists of a nine-page downloadable pdf – instructions, 6 player cards and 2 pages to cut up. Print on coloured paper and then laminate at least the last two pages, before cutting these two pages up to create the playing pieces.

To play, give a card to each player, and put the small playing pieces in the centre of the table where all players can reach them. Players each then randomly take one piece, and try to use it to make a word on their card. Players should be encouraged to do this by trying the sound out in the available spots on their board, and moving other sounds around if required. If they can’t use a piece, they put it back into the centre before taking another piece.

The first person to make 12 real words wins, but must read all their words aloud first, and if there is any dispute about whether a word they’ve made is a real word, they have to put it in a sentence that the other players can understand.

After each round, swap boards.

Spellings in this game have been chosen and combined carefully to ensure that learners can make many different words, allowing even beginners to quickly succeed and for play to be fast-paced.

Please note that this game is supplied as a pdf file which you download from this website, and print yourself.