07. Decodable books

Books with simplified spelling patterns, which beginning readers can tackle independently with success. Please choose a level at which your learner can independently read 95% of words, or 90% of words if they’re reading to you so you can help them with some words.

Decodable books I use myself:

Other decodable books I have read/heard about but don’t use myself:

The UK publisher Barrington Stoke also has books with enlarged font, simplified text and themes suitable for struggling older readers. Available in Australia via Allen and Unwin (on their website choose “Advanced Search” then Filter by Imprint – Barrington Stoke) or Seelect Educational Supplies.

The Dangerous Games books from Blake Education are written at about an eight-year-old decoding level but of interest to students aged 8-14, and they have other “Hi-Lo fiction” which can be a nice step in between between decodable books and mainstream books.

Decodable Big Books (note that books that are part of classroom programs have an interactive whiteboard version)


21 thoughts on “07. Decodable books

  1. Robin

    Thanks for this list! I’ve been so frustrated by the lack of decodable books for my son.
    We also like All About Reading and Now I’m Reading series. We’ve both been losing our reading motivation but I think this list will help us get started again!

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    1. alison Post author

      You’re most welcome! I was researching this area for myself/my clients so it just made sense to make it available to others. Thanks for the nice feedback.

      1. Mel

        The long list is fantastic, but if I was trying to convince my AP to purchase a set to show that decodables are the way we need to go for our special ed students, is there a particular resource you would recommend? (NSW)

        1. alison Post author

          The books we use most with students aged 8 and over are the Phonic Books Catch-up books, which also have workbooks that are very useful for aides and parents to help kids work through, and they have activities targeting all of the Big Five. http://www.phonicbooks.co.uk/product-category/catch-up-readers. I have a cupboard full of them and we lend them out in sets to our clients. It’s rare to find an older child who doesn’t like at least some of the stories.

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  5. Donald Potter

    Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories by Donald Potter

    Here are 62 of the best decodable stories for kindergarten and first grade, or anybody who needs to learn to read from the ground up. This is the free edition. You can purchase my inexpensive paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. Each story includes a phonics lesson, decodable story, 4 comprehension questions, and spelling words.


    1. alison Post author

      Donald, thankyou for this, I have added a link to this and the beginners’ program page. I’m just printing off your free books now and will bind them and show people, and when I get a chance also think about where else the link might usefully be added on my website. Thanks again and all the very best, Alison

  6. Kalpana Jay

    As an early years teacher, I could not agree with you more on the need and relevance for Decodable Readers. This is a wonderful list, thank you for putting it together!
    What about SSP? Have you had an opportunity to review the Speach Sound Pictures program?
    Found it in one of the schools that I taught.

    1. alison Post author

      Hi Kalpana, Thanks so much for the nice feedback, glad you’ve found my site useful. I have had a look at the Speech Sound Pictures program from Qld and it has many evidence-informed features, but I don’t promote it via this website, though I am not able to discuss why here. Sorry about that. All the best, Alison

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