If your learner’s answers mostly don’t match pseudowords in the “yes” column, and particularly if they are mixing up vowels, they need to work on words from the whole of Level 1Click here for the Level 1 workbook, which targets all these patterns.

If they just make mistakes on the spellings with links below, click on the links for wordlists to practice.

Qu Yes Maybe No
1 Sab, Sabb Psab, Psabb
2 Dit, Ditt, Dhit, Dhitt
3 Vop, Vopp
4 Codge, Kodge Khodge Coj, Koj
5 Nitch, Knitch, Gnitch Nich
6 Kiff, Khiff Kif, Khif Cif, Ciff
7 Jub, Jubb Gub, Gubb
8 Zod, Zodd
9 Gack, Ghack Vac, Vak
10 Keck, Kheck Kec, Kek, Kekk, Kheck Ceck, Cek, Cec
11 Bish, Bhish
12 Fom, Fomm, Phom, Phom Phomm, Fomb
13 Sug, Sugg
14 Jun, Junn Jon, Jone Gun, Gunn
15 Hap, Happ
16 Wid, Widd, Whid, Whidd Widh
17 Yat, Yatt
18 Thell Thel
19 Lon, Lonn Lohn Lone
20 Tesh Tesch
21 Shiss, Schiss Shis
22 Huzz Huz, Hus hoes
23 Mudge
24 Rith, Writh, Ryth, Wryth, Rhith, Rhyth
25 Zell, Zelle Zel, Zhell, Zhel
26 Yatch Yach
27 Poff, Poph Pof, Pough Pogh
28 Neg, Negg Negh
29 Shung Shongue
30 Chass Chas


6 responses to “Level 1 answer key”

  1. Alistair Forge says:

    Hi there Alison,
    I’ve got your 100 pseudoword test, but the words are different. My version starts with:

    wha’ts going on…

    • alison says:

      Hi Alistair, the paper test is a later, different version from the online ones. I need to revise them both, just getting out of the novels and icecream and onto it this week. All the best, Alison

  2. jude mathers says:

    Where can I find the paper versions, please? I hope you had enough time for icecream and novels!

    • alison says:

      I don’t have paper versions of these, sorry. But I am working on new versions for both website and to download. Just keep getting interrupted by other things!

  3. JBo says:

    They are hugely difficult!
    I’m an English teacher… I thought level 1 would be adequate for beginners, but even I only got 12/30 right.
    It should be made clear that these are non-existent words. I kept trying to make sense of the sounds I heard…

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