If your learner’s answers mostly don’t match words in the “yes” column, they need to work on words from the whole of Level 4. Click here for the Level 4 workbook, which targets these patterns.

If they just make mistakes on the spellings with links below, click on the relevant links for wordlists to practice.

Qu Yes Maybe No
1 prave, praive prayv, preyv, prav
2 chay, chey cheigh chai, chei, cha
3 thame, thaim thaime tham
4 bife, byfe bif
5 yined, yind yained
6 zite, zyte, zight zit
7 troce, trose, troace, troase tross, trowse, trowce tros
8 spoe, spow, spo spou
9 froo, frue, frew, phroo, phrue, phrew fru, freu, phru, phru threw
10 woon, wune, wewn weun oone
11 thute, thewt, thoot theut thut
12 sheeb, sheab, shebe, shieb sheebe, sheabe, shiebe sheb
13 dwee, duee dwea, dwe duea
14 graked, graiked graikt, graykt, greykt graced, graiced
15 trimed, trymed trighmed, trimd
16 choned, choaned choand chond
17 prooped, pruped, prewped proped
18 treeced, treesed, treaced, treased treest trest