Please note that there is strong evidence for teaching literacy-learners how to build words by adding prefixes and suffixes to English words, but no similar evidence to support teaching about non-English word roots.

Inflectional morphemes (all suffixes)

Plural-s as in cats (voiceless, column 3)
-s as in dogs (voiced, column 2)
-es as in wishesf-ve plurals
irregular plurals
Past tense-ed as in jumped (voiceless)
-ed as in hopped (doubling)
-ed as in filled (voiced)
-ed as in binned (doubling)
-ed as in planted
-irregular past
Present participle-ing as in jumping-ing as in hopping (doubling)
Past participle-ed same as past tense, see above links-en as in taken (column 2)-irregular past participle
3rd person-s as in jumps (voiceless)-s as in fills (voiced)-es as in wishes
Possessive-‘s as in the cat’s lunchPlural possessive (just -‘)
Comparative-er as in softer
Superlative-est as in softest

Derivational morphemes

Prefixes include…
ad-, ac-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, ar-, as-, at- as in adopt, accuse, affect, allot, annul, applaud, arrest, assign, attribute
anti- as in antidote, antihero, antihistamine, antiperspirant
bi- as in bicycle
con-, com-, col-, cor-, co-, as in confide, comfort, collide, correct, coexist
contra- as in contradict
de- as in defrost
di- as in dioxide
dis- as in dishonest, disallow, discard
du- as in duet

dys- as in dystrophy
en-, em- as in enthrone, embody
epi as in epicentre
eu as in eulogy
ex- e-, ef- as in excavate, erase, effort
fore- as in foreground
hyper- as in hyperactive

hypo- as in hypothermia

in-, im-, il-, ir- as in inaccurate, impossible, illegal, irregular
in-, im-, il-, ir- as in internal, imply, illustrate, irrigate
inter- as in interact
micro- as in microscope
mid- as in midnight

mis- as in misadventure
mono- as in monograph

non- as in nonsense
out- as in outbound

over- as in overrated

pre- as in predict
pro- as in proclaim

re- as in reinvent
semi- as in semicolon
sub- as in submarine
super- as in supernova

tele- as in television

trans- as in transaction
un- as in unpleasant
under- as in underdone
Derivational suffixes include…
-able as in taxable
-al as in postal

-ant, ance as in ignorant, ignorance, attendant
-ate as in graduate
-en as in freshen (column 1)
-ent, ence as in different, difference
-er as in swimmer
-ess as in waitress (archaic)
-ful as in mindful
-ian, an as in musician, comedian
-ic as in idiotic – see columns 5 & 6
-ible as in flexible

-ion as in action, donation, discussion, extension
-ist as in artist
-ive as in supportive

-less as in harmless
-logy as in biology
-ly as in slowly
-ment as in amazement

-ness as in kindness
-or as in sailor
-ous as in famous

-ty, -ity as in safety, civility
-ure as in adventure
-y as in sunny
Germanic bound bases include…
hap as in happy (Old Norse)
tw as in two
Latin bound bases include…
anim as in animate
cave, cav as in concave, excavate
ceit/ceive/cept as in deceit, deceive, deception
centr as in central
cred as in incredible
cruc, crus as in crucial, crusade
cure, as in secure, security
dic as in indicate
dict as in predict
duct/duce as in introduction, introduce

equ as in equation
err as in erratic
fact/fect/fic as in factory, confect, fiction

fer as in suffer
fine, fin as in confine, final
form as in uniform
horr as in horrible
ject as in trajectory

junct, join, jug as in junction, rejoinder, conjugate.
jure, just as in injure, injustice
lev as in elevate
liter as in literate
loc as in local
lumin as in illuminate
medi as in mediate
milli as in millipede
mit/mis as in permit, permission
mob, mot, mov as in automobile, mobility, removal
mon as in monopoly
nate, nat as in innate, natural
pel/puls as in compel, compulsive

ped, pod as in pedestrian, podiatrist
pend, pens as in suspend, suspense
plex, ply, plic as in multiplex, multiply, multiplication
port as in passport

pose, pon, pound as in compose, component, compound
press as in compress
punct as in puncture
rupt as in interrupt

sanct as in sanctuary
scrib/script as in inscribe, inscription
sci as in science
sist/sta/sti as in consistent, constant, constitute
spect/spec/spic as in inspect, specimen, conspicuous
struct as in construct
tain/ten/tin as in abstain, abstention, abstinence
tort as in distort
tract as in distract
uni, un as in unity, unanimous
vac as in evacuate
vene, ven, vent as in convene, convenient, convent
vert/vers as in convert, conversion
vi, voy as in deviate, convoy
vise/vid as in revise, evident
Greek bound bases include…
acro as in acropolis
anthr/andr as in philanthropist, androgynous
arch as in monarch

arist as in aristocrat

astro as in astronaut

auto, aut as in automatic, autism
bibli as in bibliophile

bio as in biography
(really ‘bi’ plus connective ‘o’)
chron as in synchronise
crat, crac as in democrat, democracy
dem as in democracy
gen as in generate
geo as in geology
gon, genu as in polygon, genuflect
graph/gram as in paragraph, pictogram

hydr as in rehydrate
homo as in homophone

logue, log as in dialogue, analogous
meter, metr as in thermometer, symmetry
naut as in astronaut
nym as in synonym

path as in sympathy
phil as in philanthropy
phon as in cacophony

photo as in photography
polis as in metropolis
poly as in polygon

psych as in psychiatrist
scope as in telescope
sym, syn, syl as in symphony, synonym, syllable
techn as in technology

therm as in hypothermia

thesis as in photosynthesis