2 responses to “ai as in plait”

  1. Rachel Harrison says:

    Your comment in your video ‘preventing failure and shifting the Bell curve up’ I found offensive. You commented that the children who were having difficulties with literacy and becoming phonemically aware had not had an enriched literacy environment and had not been read to. This is completely incorrect. Although it could be the case for some children, this is not true to many and should not be made in such a sweeping statement. I read to my child every night from the day he was born. He has grown up with books and support with his literacy and has severe problems with phonological awareness. This video should be removed from your website.

    • alison says:

      Rachel, I completely reject your interpretation of what I say in the video. Rich home language environments really help children with their literacy, but whether children have rich home language environments or not, many wind up with literacy problems because many schools don’t teach phonemic awareness and phonics adequately. My whole website is about trying to change that, so that children like your son aren’t left high and dry by the system.

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