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5 thoughts on “bu as in build

    1. alison Post author

      Sorry, I only know of three lemmas with this phoneme-grapheme correspondence: build, buy and buoy. There are lots of other words that start with ‘bu’ but these letters represent two sounds, not one sound, in them.

    1. alison Post author

      You could slice it that way, yes, and group it with ui as in fruit, suit etc. But I slice ‘guilt’ as ‘gu’ so I can group it with ‘guess’ and ‘guy’ and ‘guarantee’, see https://www.spelfabet.com.au/spelling-lists/sorted-by-sound/g/gu-as-in-guess, so it seemed more logical to me (just trying to wield Occam’s Razor here) to group buy, build and buoy as ‘bu’. Otherwise I need two extra graphemes, ‘uy’ and ‘uoy’, with just one word in each.


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