z as in zip

zz as in buzz

s as in his

se as in please

ze as in ooze

x as in xylophone

(x as in exam)

ss as in dissolve

si as in hosiery

ssi as in brassiere

ts/cz as in tsar/czar

sz as in Cartensz


2 thoughts on “z

  1. Alex

    I think it’s only a single word, but maybe it would be worth adding ‘sp’ for /z/ as in ‘raspberry.’ The suggested etymologies I’ve seen show both the ‘s’ and ‘p’ as part of the first root word. I suppose you could also think of it as a normal ‘s’ > /z/ and a silent ‘p’ (probably due to being next to the similar /b/).

  2. Alex

    A couple more ideas for rare ones, just in case it’s helpful:
    – ‘sc’ as /z/ as in ‘crescent’ (I have /z/ here, though it seems sources often list both /s/ and /z/ for US and UK)
    – ‘sth’ as /z/ as in ‘asthma’ (this one seems specifically US, so not sure if it’s worth listing or not)


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