Level 01: CVCs

Spellings Example words with link to wordlist


a, d, o, p, t

at, pat, tap

top, dot, pod

Add b, g, u up, bug, tub
Add e, i

bed, get, pet

it, dig, pit

Add m am, map, gum
Add n on, not, ban, ten
Add h, w, y

him, hot, hen

wet, wag, win

yap, yum, yet

Add c, k, ck

can, cob, cup

kit, keg, kip

duck, pack, neck

Add f, ff

fit, fun, fat

off, puff, cuff

Add l, ll

let, lid, lot

bell, doll, fill

Add j, dge

jug, jet, jog

ledge, dodge, badge

Add s, ss

sell, sad, sock

less, miss, kiss

Add v, ve, z, zz

van, vet, vat

have, live, give

zip, zap, zit

buzz, fizz, jazz

Add r

red, ran, rug, rock

Add sh shop, shed, dish
Add ch and tch

chip, chat, chug

itch, catch, hutch

Add ng and th

sing, long, hung

thin, with, moth

them, than, that

Truncated words

doc, pic, Vic

caf, if, ref

Col, gal, pal

Bev, pav, Viv


© Alison Clarke 2012

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