Level 04: “long” vowels

Spelling Example words with links to wordlists
adding e can-cane, pin-pine, hop-hope, tub-tube
“ay” sound make, rain, day, eight, they, vein, great, fete, straight, gauge
“I” sound bike, cry, mind, style, fight, cries, bye, height, eye, aye
“oh” sound home, road, low, go, hoe, dough, folk, soul, sew, owe, brooch, mauve, doh
“ooh” sound food, rule, chew,blue, group, suit, to, two, through, shoe, flu, sleuth, pooh
“you” sound cube, few,cue, feud, ewe

“soft” c

“soft” g

cell, race, price 

gel, rage, huge

“ee” sound beef, weak, be, chief, these, key, ski, Leigh
past tense d baked, hiked, joked (column 2)


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