Example words with link to relevant wordlist

(bracketed words contain the spelling representing two sounds, not one)

a rabbit, changing, basket, husband, wallet, almost
a…e mistake, (sesame)
ai explain, bargain, (mosaic)
air fairly
ar cartoons, parents, forward, (diary)
are hardware
au author, fault
aw coleslaw, (seaweed)
ay birthday, papaya
e tennis, legal, cafe, jacket
e…e athlete
ea sneakers, weather, (idea)
ear unclear, early, swearing
ee coffee
eer career
ei protein, kaleidoscope
er interpret, cereal, deliver, (heron)
ew cashew, mewing, (driveway)
i ribbon, spider, media, exit, onion
i..e outside, engine, sardine, (recipe)
ie cookies, magpie, (alien)
igh highlight
ir thirsty, (pirate)
o collar, motel, kilos (not kiloes), money, person
o…e tadpole, purpose, (calzone)
oe dingoes, (poem)
oi toilet, (stoic)
oo scooter, football, (oo as in coopt)
or normal, network, forgive, (forest)
ou trousers, coupon, furious
ow tower, follow
oy oyster
u buttons, octopus, ruby, unit, language, focus
u…e commute, (museum)
ue muesli, untrue, (cruel)
ur turnip, murmur, (fury)
y bilby, python, gym, canyon, oxygen
y…e megabyte


2 responses to “Level 08: vowels in long words”

  1. Jenny Baker says:

    Hi Alison
    I am working with some teachers and using your lists (thank yo so much for these – Pure Gold!!)
    I clicked on the ‘cartoon’ words expecting multisyllabic words with the ‘ar’ digraph and it seems that the list contains ‘oo’ words. I feel like this might be an error ???? I thought I’d see what you think.

    • alison says:

      Jenny, thank you SO MUCH for noticing this error, I’ve fixed it up, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before, it’s been there for probably four years! I’m going to send you a free set of my new workbooks to say thankyou for taking the time to tell me about this. I only have one-syllable ar words on there at the moment but I must add some two-syllable ones, but anyway if you want wordlists containing a particular letter sequence you can just google “morewords contains ar” and a list will come up which can be sorted by length or frequency. It’s meant for people playing word games but it works for us too. Thanks again, Alison

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