Example words with link to relevant wordlist

(bracketed words contain the spelling representing two sounds, not one)

-c traffic, panic, music
cc account, moccasins, soccer
c- acid, celery, centipede
k kennel, kickboard, Kylie (column 5)
k koala, okay, skating (column 7)
g gentle, magic, clergy
g forget, forgive, target
-dg- badger, budgie, dodgem
gu- disguise, guitar, guard
-gue league, fatigue, catalogue (US catalog)
gh ghost, gherkin, spaghetti
-ti- affection, construction, Eygptian
-si- comprehension, tension, mansion
-si- Asia, confusion, erosion
-ci- ancient, facial, precious
-ssi- concussion, discussion, permission
Adding Latin endings erode-erosion, transmit-transmission, face-facial, clinic-clinician.
ch chemist, echidna, school
ch chef, chute, machine
ch bachelor, ostrich, spinach (column 3)
ph graph, gopher, phone
ou country, couple, trouble
-st- castle, Christmas, fasten
-tte barette, cassette, serviette
-m criticism, heroism, prism (column 2)
dropped syllables aspirin, chocolate, Wednesday
UK/US verbs burnt/burned, leant/leaned, spilt/spilled
to e or not to e ageing/aging, glueing/gluing, liveable/livable
-ll- or -l- counselling (US counseling), quarrelled (US quarreled), travelling (US traveling)
-l or -ll enrol (US enroll), fulfil (US fulfill), instil (US instill)
-ise or -ize apologise (US apologize), criticise (US criticize), recognise (US recognize)
-ce or -se defence (US defense), licence (US license), practice (US practise)
ae or e algae, faeces (US feces), mediaeval (US medieval)
oe or e amoeba (US ameba), foetus (US fetus), phoenix (US phenix)
US/UK spellings aluminium/aluminum, cosy/cozy, grey/gray, plough/plow
US/UK vocab nappy/diaper, holiday/vacation, truck/lorry
Only in pairs binoculars, secateurs, tweezers
-gi- contagious, hygiene, region
gn gnat, gnome, sign