This is the Spelfabet Workbook 5 version 3 teaching sequence, both for the parent/aide (print up to 5 copies) and teacher clinician (print up to 30 copies) editions. Reading practice for this teaching sequence can be found in the Dandelion Readers Extended Phonic Code Level 2 books (for ages ~5-8), and the Moon Dogs Set 3 books (for ages ~8-14). Australian suppliers are here.

Sounds/spellings introduced/revisedHigh frequency words
(tricky bits are in bold)
Revising ai as in rain, introducing ay as in sayaway, always, day, Friday, holiday, Monday, play, Saturday, stay, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, way, Wednesday, yesterday
Revising ee as in see, introducing ea as in seabeach, each, eat, ice-cream, mean, read, real, sea, tea, teach, team
Introducing oa as in boat and ow as in growknow, show, yellow
Revising ur as in turn, introducing ir as in birdbird, birthday, first, girl, word, world, work
Revising e as in bed and ea as in breadagain, against, any, friend, many
Revising ow as in cow, introducing ou as in outabout, around, colour, drought, favourite, found, ground, house, mouse, our, out, outside, playground
Revising oo as in food, introducing ue as in blueblue, movie, today, together
Revising igh as in night and i as in find
Revising oo as in look, introducing oul as in couldcould, football, put, should, wolf, would
Introducing aw as in saw and or as in for (the same sound in Aust/UK accent, but not US)also, ball, before, call, more, saw, talk, walk, water
Revising oi as in coin, introducing oy as in boyboy, toy
Revising ar as in car, introducing a as in last (the same sound in Aust/southern UK accent, but not US)ask, basketball, can’t, class, fast, last
Revising air as in hair, introducing are as in care
Revising ear as in ear as in dear, introducing eer as in deerhere, weird