Free Learning Difficulties Including Dyslexia webinars

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La Trobe University and the Victorian Department of Education have this year collaborated to run workshops across Victoria about learning difficulties including dyslexia. The workshops have been available to teachers and other Department of Education staff.

The information from these workshops is now being made available free online via YouTube as webinars. Wow. Amazingly generous of both the University and the Department, since most professional development of this type and quality is paywalled. So thanks to all involved.

The webinars are presented by Dr Tanya Serry from La Trobe University, and the workshops on which they are based were developed with Professor Pamela Snow, Ms Emina McLean and Assistant Professor Jane McCormack also from La Trobe, and Dr Lorraine Hammond from Edith Cowan University in WA.

The webinars are the perfect length for after-school PD, at about 40-45 minutes each, here they all are. The last one won’t be available till October.  If using them, please express your appreciation to the people behind these webinars for so generously sharing their expertise publicly. Amazing and brilliant.

Webinar 1: Delving into Systematic Synthetic Phonics

Webinar 2 – Analysing Spelling Errors

Webinar 3 – Decodable, Authentic and Predictable Texts

Webinar 4 – Transitioning from Oral Language to Becoming Literate

The last webinar, Delving into Explicit Instruction, will be available after 8th October:


8 responses to “Free Learning Difficulties Including Dyslexia webinars”

  1. Christine Welke says:

    These webinars are fantastic and exactly what I will be showing my school principal. I have been trying to get our school to move from whole language to synthetic Phonics and it is an uphill battle. The change is slowly beginning. I am looking forward to the last of the five webinars. Thank you so much for producing these and letting them be used free of charge.

    • alison says:

      Hi Christine, I’m so happy you like them, but these are not my webinars, I’m just trying to help promote them because I think they are so fantastic. Please make sure that people understand this and give credit where it is due. Thanks, Alison

      • Tanya Serry says:

        Thank you Alison for the promotion. Good luck Christine and I am pleased you found them helpful. Tanya Serry

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Alison,

    Do you have the original link for these webinars? Just wondering if they have notes to go along with the slides. Thanks

  3. Brian Conway says:

    Thanks so much for this valuable knowledge. The more we know the better we can help children. Does anyone know when it was made and if its up-to-date in terms of current thinking and therapies?

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