Level 2 v3 word-building sequences


Word sequences to build beginning and struggling spellers’ phonemic awareness and orthographic knowledge. This set practises consonant spellings: sh, ch, tch, th, wh, ck, ng, ve and the spelling qu.



The aim of these sequences is to help learners correctly discriminate single-sound (phoneme) differences between words (minimal pairs) and change the relevant spelling (grapheme) to make the new word. These words include common consonant digraphs ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘wh’, ‘ck’, ‘ng’, the trigraph ‘tch’ and the spelling ‘qu’.

Occasionally, only the order of letters will need to be changed e.g. making “mash” into “sham”.

This activity helps develop learners’ phonemic awareness (segmenting, phoneme manipulation) as well as their orthographic knowledge (phoneme-grapheme correspondences, usual location of each grapheme in words/syllables, which graphemes go together).

It follows the same sequence as the beginning of the Spelfabet Workbook 2 version 3, and the Sounds Write program Unit 11.