Level 3 v3 word-building sequences


Word sequences to make with the moveable alphabet, to help you rapidly present spoken words that differ only by one sound/suffix, and ask learners to change the relevant spelling, thus building their phonemic awareness and orthographic and morphological knowledge.

This set builds words containing ‘long’ vowels spelt with ‘split vowel digraphs’/silent final e, and contrast them with ‘short’ vowels e.g. cap-cape, fin-fine, hop-hope, tub-tube. Add and change suffixes, which are included in case your moveable alphabet doesn’t have them.



The aim of these sequences is to help learners correctly discriminate single-sound (phoneme) differences between words (minimal pairs) and change the relevant spellings (graphemes) to make new words.

This activity helps develop learners’ phonemic and morphological awareness, and their orthographic and morphological knowledge.

Words in this downloadable, printable set include ‘short’ and ‘long’ vowels (as in ‘make’, ‘seem’, ‘these’, ‘like’, ‘home’, ‘rule’,  ‘cute’, ‘look’ and ‘soon’), c as in ‘cell’, g as in ‘gem’, plus some common suffixes. A page of suffixes to add to your moveable alphabet is included, in case yours doesn’t have them.

The sounds, spellings and word parts introduced in this downloadable activity follow the same teaching sequence as the Spelfabet Workbook 3 version 3.