Workbook 9 – teacher/clinician version


Downloadable 80-page illustrated workbook you may print up to 50 times, which adds prefixes to words as well as word parts like the “vive” in “survive” and “revive” (from the Latin word meaning “live”). The prefixes studied are ex, in/im/ir/il, re, de, sub, inter, trans, per, super, semi, anti, en and con/com.

Word parts originally from Latin or Greek are then added to gaps in words e.g. the contra meaning “against” in contrast, contradict and contraband, and the mania meaning “madness” in egomaniac, megalomaniac and pyromaniac. Knowing such word parts helps with both spelling and inferring meaning when reading.



80 pages of spelling activities which focus on more meaningful word parts originally from Latin and Greek. View the workbook’s video tour here. Download a free sample of the workbook here.

Activities are straightforward so you don’t need special training or expertise to help a learner use this workbook. It walks you through the task of adding the following prefixes to words and word parts:

  • ex as in excellent,
  • in as in include, im as in imminent, il as in illegal, ir as in irrigate,
  • re as in reflect,
  • de as in decay,
  • sub as in subsidy,
  • inter as in interest,
  • trans as in transfer,
  • per as in persuade,
  • super as in superficial,
  • semi as in semicolon,
  • anti as in antibodies,
  • con as in concert, com as in commute.

Word parts originally from Latin or Greek are then added to gaps in words. The word parts are:

    • ann as in annual,
    • ante as in antenatal,
    • aqua as in aquarium,
    • astro as in astronomy,
    • aud as in audiologist,
    • auto as in autograph,
    • bio as in antibiotics,
    • bene as in beneficial,
    • bi as in bicycle,
    • chron as in synchronise,
    • cracy as in democracy,
    • cent as in centimetres,
    • circum as in circumference,
    • contra as in contrast,
    • cycl as in recycle,
    • cred as in incredible,
    • dem as in demographer,
    • dict as in contradict,
    • fract as in fracture, frag as in fragile,
    • geo as in geology,
    • gon as in pentagon,
    • graph as in paragraph,
    • hemi as in hemisphere,
    • hydr as in hydrotherapy,
    • hyper as in hyperactive,
    • ject as in objectives,
    • kilo as in kilometre,
    • lumin as in illuminate,
    • magn as in magnitude,
    • mal as in malaria,
    • mania as in egomaniac,
    • mech as in mechanism,
    • mega as in megaphone,
    • medi as in media,
    • meter as in thermometer,
    • micro as in microphone,
    • migr as in migrate.
    • min as in minus,
    • mis as in mistake,
    • mit as in admit, miss as in dismiss,
    • mono as in monorail,
    • mort as in mortality,
    • multi as in multiple,
    • ologist as in psychologist, ology as in technology,
    • omni as in omnivore,
    • pan as in panorama,
    • path as in psychopath,
    • pent as in pentathlon,
    • phobia as in arachnophobia,
    • phon as in symphony,
    • ped as in pedestrian,
    • photo as in photocopy,
    • phys as in physical,
    • poly as in polystyrene,
    • psych as in psychotic,
    • pyro as in pyrotechnics,
    • quad as in quadrupeds,
    • ques as in inquest,m
    • scrib as in inscribed, script as in scripture,
    • scope as in telescope,
    • spect as in spectators,
    • struct as in obstruction,
    • tain as in maintain,
    • tele as in television,
    • theo as in pantheon,
    • therm as in thermostat,
    • tract as in extraction,
    • tri as in triangle,
    • uni as in unicorn,
    • vac as in evacuation,
    • vid as in video, vis as in visual,
    • volve as in evolved, volut as in revolution.

All activities incorporate pictures, to add meaning and build vocabulary. Pictures are mostly simple, computer-generated line drawings from the Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols, and are used with permission. They are suitable for all ages.

This workbook should be used in conjunction with other activities targeting Latin and Greek word parts (prefixes, suffixes, word roots/stems), as well as lots of reading, to allow your learner to reinforce these patterns.

Please note that this workbook is supplied as a pdf file which you download and print yourself. This keeps it affordable. Please print on scrap paper if you can, to save trees. You can purchase using a credit card, you don’t need a PayPal account.

The workbook comes with a cheat sheet listing all the words in the workbook and suggested sentences for each, so you don’t have to figure out what the target words are, and can work quickly. The aim is that your learner has lots of practice writing words with the same meaningful word parts.

You may make up to fifty copies of this workbook, for use with your own students/clients. You might consider it most suitable as a simple, hard-to-get-wrong homework activity, and just check it each week/session.


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