Sorted by sound

Consonant sounds

p as in pup m as in mum th as in thin sh as in shush w as in wow
b as in bob n as in nan th as in this zh as in vision y as in yes
t as in tot ng as in sing f as in fluff ch as in church r as in run
d as in did v as in valve j as in judge l as in loll
k as in kick s as in sauce h as in hit
g as in gag z as in zip

Vowel sounds

a as in cat ay as in make ar as in arm ou as in cow unstressed vowel
e as in red ee as in see er as in first oy as in boil
i as in bin I as in mine aw as in for air as in care
o as in not oh as in home ear as in beer
u as in cut ooh as in boot
oo as in put you as in cute

No sound

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2 sounds with special spellings

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One thought on “Sorted by sound

  1. jennifer evanson

    Thank you so much for the website you’ve put together. I stumbled upon it looking for certain spelling combinations to put together some activities for my English as a Foreign Language students, many of whom speak languages I’m unfamiliar with, presenting me with new challenges.

    Once in a while I have the opportunity to work with a learner who has particular reading/sounding out difficulties (or is a self-proclaimed dyslexic), and so in recent years I’ve found myself reading up on dyslexia and reading challenges and ways to overcome them. I’ve found that most of my students, regardless of their reading ability, are helped by these same strategies.

    I do thank you so for making your work public. In addition to my paid work, I do a fair bit of volunteer work, and it’s such a gift to find people such as yourself who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Your work is helping learners far and wide!

    I have only begun to dig through your treasures. Although I’ve consulted your word lists a few times in recent weeks, today I got into your blog and found links to other resources that can help me help my students. (I say that definitively, because I’ve already learned a few things in the process.)

    Thank you, thank you for doing and sharing your hard work.


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