Learning the building blocks of words - sounds, their spellings, and word parts

Here are lists of resources I think are consistent with systematic, explicit, synthetic phonics principles, but please check them out yourself before purchasing. My aim is to help with your search, but inclusion on these lists does not constitute an endorsement.

I’ve included country of origin in brackets (Aus = Australian, UK = British, US = American, Can = Canada, NZ = New Zealand), and highlighted free resources. Please tell me if I’ve left out something good, or you notice something is out of date: spelfabet@gmail.com.

Resources suitable for preschoolers

Classroom programs for children aged ~5-7

Small group or 1:1 programs for children age ~5-7 needing extra help

Home programs for children aged ~5-7

Catch-up programs for older children and teenagers

Programs and activities suitable for adults

Decodable books

Software, apps and websites

Other useful stuff – workbooks, manipulatives, gizmos, gadgets, posters, charts, bookmarks, games…



Phonological awareness

Free books on synthetic phonics for parents and teachers are available at Parker Phonics.

And on a related topic, you can find good information about handwriting here and here.

If you want to know how English spelling became so complicated, try the History of English podcast.

9 thoughts on “Phonics resources

    1. alison Post author

      Hi Narelle, sorry you can’t work out how to download it, it should be the same way as for everything else in the shop. I’ll email it to you now. Alison

    2. alison Post author

      Hi Narelle, it should work the way all the other things in my shop work, you just click on “add to cart” for anything you want, put in your details, and then if something isn’t free, it asks you to pay for it, but if not it just sends you a link which you click on to download the materials. I can email you the two sound game anyway, I’ll do it now, let me know if you want the other font. Alison

  1. Paula

    Hello Alison:

    Thank you for providing such a comprehensive site! I am an ESL teacher in China and have limited access to “free” materials. I see you have emailed a link to another … is it possible you would do the same for me?
    I am interested in the 44-page sounds book. It’s a problem entering a valid credit card as mine is Chinese and has limited scope and usability… : (

    Anything you can provide would be a great asset to my kids!

    Thank you kindly,

    1. alison Post author

      Hi Paula, thanks for the nice feedback and I’ve emailed you the 44 sounds book, and the simpler version for little kids. All the best, Alison

    2. alison Post author

      Dear Paula, Sorry to take absolutely ages to reply, I thought I had done so by email but my system has been playing up and perhaps it didn’t go. I am not sure who I emailed a link to, but you can get any of my free materials without needing a credit card, as if the shop sees they are $0 it skips the payment step.

      If you can’t get the materials now just email me again and I will think of Plan B. Alison

  2. Romina Vadala

    Hi, I just wanted to know if you knew of a resource that showed a grapheme (letter), a picture to represent the sound AND the shape your mouth should make when articulating the sound as well as an indication of voice/voiceless and all those other things.


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