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    1. alison Post author

      Hi Lola, my lists were created from an early 2000s copy of the Macquarie Dictionary in which I checked all the phonetic transcriptions, and these three words all did include /j/ as in ‘jam’, and there were no other words with this phoneme-grapheme correspondence. I pronounce all three with a /j/, which I think is typical of a Broad dialect (I went to a rural high school), but probably none of them contain /j/ in Cultivated, and maybe this is shifting in General. I’ve just looked these words up in my 2009 Australian Concise Oxford dictionary, and it’s transcription agrees with you about ‘incendiary’, but the word ‘subsidiary’ does still have a /j/. Weirdly, there is no phonetic transcription for ‘soldier’ but ‘soldiery’ is transcribed with a /j/ (I don’t know how to type the actual phonetic script into this response, sorry). So I’ll move ‘incendiary’ over to the ‘i as in onion’ page, thanks for pointing this out. All the best, Alison


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